Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Visitation at Phayao

I am going to describe to you a visitation of our Lord to a group of children living in a girl’s home in Thailand. The home is named Phayao which means “House of Dreams” in Thai. Three different missionaries described this story to me. The following is a conglomeration of what I heard from all three.

In the fall of 2008 when there were 22 girls living at Phayao they were having a worship service. Suddenly one of the girls said, “Jesus wants to come into the room”, at that point everyone looked to the doorway and 21 of the girls saw Jesus standing there. None of the adults that were present saw him. The girls (youngest was 7 at the time the oldest was 15) said he walked in smiling at them. They all thought he looked very loving. After he walked around the room he started to walk up the stairs to the 3rd floor of the home. All the girls followed. He then stood outside the door of the isolation room where one of the girls lay inside sick. One of the older girls named Eif said, “Jesus wants to go into that room.” Eif then stepped in front of Jesus and opened the door. The Lord walked into the room and looked down at the sick girl, she saw Jesus. He then reached down took her hand and she got up out of bed. Jesus walked her out into the room with the other girls. He smiled at all of them and then walked down the stairs and out the front door where he disappeared. The little girl that was in the sick room was healed after being touched by the Lord.

No adult saw any of this. The missionary in charge who speaks Thai along with some other staff members took the girls into a room one by one to interview them. They all told the same story. The staff along with the three missionaries I spoke with all believe the girls saw Jesus.

Here is a bit of evidence I find interesting. The girls attend a public school. Most of the students are Buddhist. Eif shared this visitation with her friends at school and 17 have given their lives to the Lord. All the girls are testifying to everyone about this visitation. One more interesting fact, when the girls came to Phayao they were oppressed, poor girls that did not know the Lord. Most of them were at great risk of being sold into prostitution. When I met them one year after the visitation they were some of the most well adjusted, on fire for God youth I have ever met. The night before we arrived they had a 6 hour worship service that ended at 2:00 AM.

I was not there but I believe Jesus did appear to the girls at Phayao. He has definitely done a wonderful work in their lives.