Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Traveling to Thailand & China in October


Oct 19th I will fly to Thailand and then on to China. This is a very important trip. Chris Briles, WIM Director of Operations, will go with me. Our goal in Thailand is to encourage the missionaries that are working with refugees from Myanmar. They are also rescuing children out of the horrible sex trade. These missionaries are REAL HEROES in my book.

The lady in the glasses is Davelyn Valdueza. She was trained by WIM missionaries in the Philippines and is now serving the refugee community in Thailand. She is doing a great work but needs encouragement. Pray that God will use us to bring help and strengthen her.


Also in Thailand we will visit Tony & Mary Ann Bianchi who are working with a group of missionaries that rescue children who would be sold into the sex trade. They take children that are at risk of being sold and move them into a home where they are cared for, educated and most importantly taught the Gospel message. These children are becoming Christians instead of prostitutes.

The Bianchis also hold seminars and conduct conferences for missionaries that are serving in several countries in Asia.

In China we plan to help form a new church planting team.